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Flight Op Video Privacy Policy

1. Collection
Flight Op Video follows rules and laws consistant with the Photographers Rights:

The general rule in the United States is that anyone may take photographs of whatever they want when they are in a public place or places where they have permission to take photographs.

Absent a specific legal prohibition such as a statute or ordinance, you are legally entitled to take photographs.

Examples of places that are traditionally considered public are streets,sidewalks, and public parks.

Property owners may legally prohibit photography on their premises but have no right to prohibit others from photographing their property from other locations, including public airspace. Flight Op Video however does not use any video for commercial purposes which contains identifiable persons who have not given thier consent, unless for editorial purposes.

Permissible Subjects
Despite misconceptions to the contrary, the following subjects can almost always be photographed lawfully from public places:

accident and fire scenes
bridges and other infrastructure
residential and commercial buildings
industrial facilities and public utilities
transportation facilities (e.g., airports)
Superfund sites
criminal activities and arrests
law enforcement officers

2. Retention
All data collected by Flight Op Video will be retained for a time period to determined by Flight Op Video's needs and may be indefinete, unless stated by contractual agreement with the Flight Op Video client. Data may include items such as Audio, Video, Client contracts and personal information therewithin, etc., unless required otherwise by law in the country data retention laws.

3. Protection
Flight Op Video will not share personal,Sensitive/Confidential data collected from clients with third parties without the consent of the client. All personal,Sensitive/Confidential data will be stored by Flight Op Video on site, secured by password. Any backup copies will also be secured by password.
Audio / Video / Photographic files will be protected by password or encrypted only by request or contractual agreement.

4. Disposal
Flight Op Video disposes of clients personal,Sensitive/Confidential data utilizing software to securely remove and erase data from the hard disk and overwrite multiple times to sanitise the disk space.
Audio / Video / Photographic files will be deleated from disk and only sanitized with overwrites by request or contractual agreement.